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If you are experiencing roof leaks, mildew in the attic, torn shingles, storm-damaged shingles or even finding shingles in your yard, it may mean you need a new roof. While some roofs can be repaired, if your home is 12-20 years old, chances are you need a roof replacement. The good news is your new roof will last far longer than your last one did, and the warranties are amazing!

Too often new construction homes get the most cost-effective shingles available at the time. They look great and perform well for the first several years, but then storms and weather cycles start taking their toll. Before you expect it, that roof that was new eight years ago is starting to cause problems. The key to protecting your home is getting a fair, honest appraisal of your roof and making an informed decision. Too often homeowners get taken advantage of by a "roofer" that doesn't have the skills or experience to do a proper repair, and by the time you realize it, they are gone and can't be reached.

That's why it's important to select a roofing contractor like Channel Construction, that has been around for three-plus decades and is known in the industry for quality, dependability and a job well done. Don't just take our word for it, though. Read our reviews, and schedule a free estimate to learn more about your roof options. 

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Your roof protects your most important investment - your home!
Your roof protects your most important investment - your home!

The Newest Roof Solution from Atlas

There's a reason Mike Holmes recommends Atlas Roofing shingles and roof products, including the new Scotchgard stain resistant shingles. We are proud to sell and install Atlas Roofing shingles, underlayment and more. Don't settle for old technology or sub-standard roofing shingles. Your home is your biggest investment and it's important to give it great protection at a great price.

ROOF Replacement FAQs

Do I Need A New Roof?


 A new roof is often needed unexpectedly. The high stress associated with needing a new roof is felt by most homeowners at some point in their lifetime. Not replacing your roof in time often leads to leaking and interior damage to your home. It is important to replace your roof as soon as you notice any signs that you are experiencing a problem with it. Some signs you cannot ignore, such as a collapsed roof, a hole in your roof or leaking inside the home, however, some potential roofing concerns often times go unrecognized, such as missing shingles, buckled shingles, staining, discoloration, wavy or soft appearance, and excessive granule loss. It is important that you recognize all potential signs that it is time for your roof to be replaced.  

Missing/Buckled Shingles


Missing or buckled shingles are often times ignored and pushed aside. Although they could be a sign that you need a new roof.  This could be the first sign that your roof could get worse the longer you wait to replace it. 



The staining and discoloration that is often times seen on older roofs don't just look unpleasant, they are actually a sign that your roof is on it's way out. The staining is caused by algae that wears down the shingles on your roof that could potentially lead to disastrous damage. 

Wavy or Soft Appearance


Most people have seen a roof that looks like it has a wavy appearance and think that it is due to age, but can actually be caused by some potentially damaging issues. If your roof has a wavy/soft appearance, it could be due to a first layer of shingles underneath the outer shingles that were wavy and a roofer laid the new shingles on top of this damaged layer or could be caused by improper install. This will allow for moisture to enter underneath the shingles and can cause your roof to collapse or leak. 

Why Replace Instead Of Repair


 Many homeowners hope to be able to repair their roof instead of replacing it, for concerns of how much a new roof costs. Yes, a new roof is a large purchase, however, the further damage that can occur if a roof is not properly handled can be astronomical and can end up costing you a great deal more. When a leak is experienced, many homeowners hope that a roof patch on that area will suffice. This is not the case. A roof patch further dislodges other shingles surrounding the problem area, often times leading to the same spot continuing to leak and cause damage, or more extreme leaking from other areas of the roof.  In the long run, you will actually save money by replacing your roof right away, instead of repairing it for the time being.  

Easy, Quick & Stress Free With Channel


 You've come to the difficult conclusion that you need a new roof, the hard part should be over, but many larger company's further create frustration when you're trying to select what is the best roof type for your home. With many brands, styles, colors & options, selecting the perfect new roof can be overwhelming.  Channel Construction helps by limiting your options to two brands of roofing shingles, GAF and Atlas. We are highly familiar with and have personal relationships with representatives from the two companies, that are on hand and readily available to us should you have any questions about the material or their warranties. We have two roofing contractors that have worked for Channel for over 20 years and are licensed and insured. At most, with Channel Construction, your roof will take 3 days (if you have a very large house). Most houses we re-roof take on average a day and a half to start and finish, clean your yard, dispose of all trash and leave. Most roofing companies have a 5 year labor warranty, however, Channel Construction offers a 10 year labor warranty! 


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